Have you been looking for the perfect ring, but can't find it anywhere? Come see us, we'll make it for you, just the way you want it to be!  

Do you have something precious sitting in a box collecting dust, because it doesn't suit your style ? Bring it in! we will take that unused piece and create something totally new and exciting, or we can give you credit for it, so you can create or get something new you'd be really happy to wear!

Where Old World Craftsmanship meets State of the Art Technology.

Our custom design service involves you directly, in the creative process.
State of the art Cad/Cam technology allows us to build 3 dimensional
designs and to render photographic like images of the design that show
 you precisely what your Piece will look like before it's been made into
 precious metal.

 Some examples of redesigns:

* Take the engagement diamond out of the simple style ring and reset it
  with beautifully micro pave'd diamonds to create modern/vintage style elegance.

* Redesign old tennis bracelets into stacking diamond eternity bands,
  and diamond eternity earrings.
* Harvest different sized diamonds from various unused jewelry pieces to
  create a unique right hand ring, or pendant..

The possibilities are unlimited and exciting!

please Visit our custom design gallery.